His Chase provides a comprehensive biblically-based student sponsorship program in Rwanda, for the children who were raised at Noel Orphanage.

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What's the end goal?

We are often asked if His Chase is just another general sponsorship organization like so many others out there. The questions asked may vary, but the idea is still the same.  People want to know what His Chase is comprised of and what the end goal really is.

"Will you continue to add more children to the program in Rwanda?"

"How do you select which children receive an education through His Chase?"

or some ask, "Do you know the students personally?"   

As we ring in a New Year, and look forward to our sixth year of serving the His Chase students, we have an answer for you:

Let LOVE Be Your Highest Goal

When we boil down all the fancy words, the lists of goals, and the mission statements of His Chase, what really fuels this entire ministry is LOVE.  Love is the end goal---that our students will know and understand how deeply they are loved, AND that they turn what they've received into what they give away, living lives centered around loving others. And all of this is possible, only because generous people share their love with these kids, through their support, encouragement, and prayer.   

A Story of Success

Stop what you're doing and read this blog. Because this story paints a perfect picture of what His Chase is all about.  We are in an exciting season for this ministry, as we officially celebrate the final months of our FIFTH year of the education program and the SEVENTH year of His Chase Foundation's existence.

Do you know what makes these markers worth celebrating? The students we serve, and their amazing accomplishments.  It is in their achievements that we realize the full impact of education sponsorship, and the power it has to alter the course of these students' futures.

Today I tell you the story of Eric and Emmanuel. {And I show you the AMAZING photography of our own Claver!}

A Small, but Mighty Army

I absolutely love watching God do His thing in this ministry.  He stirs hearts.  He heals hearts.  He draws us toward His plans.  And, often He takes our plans, and turns things upside down and inside out.  We have watched him do that in this ministry over and over again.  He comes in and does it all in a completely different way than we thought. And, this has been a VERY significant discovery for me along the way:  His way is not always bigger (or easier) or covered with glitter, but it's ALWAYS best. Oftentimes it's a seemingly harder way, a hidden path, and a slow, but steady growth.  In fact, it's the kind of growth that sneaks in and surprises you with its steadfastness, at the very moment that you have your head on the desk wondering what to do next.  When we have been stumped, He is not. When we were worried, He was not.  When we have felt small, He reminds us that He's mighty.  And when we thought we needed glitter and marketing to get more people involved, or to be "like other ministries", He has instead given us all we need through a faithful few.   

The His Chase Foundation provides a Biblically-based opportunity for education through the sponsorship of over 250 students in Rwanda. As His Chase continues to expand, this blog serves as the place for fans, donors, and supporters to follow the latest stories about our ministry. We continue to watch God work in the lives of these students we serve, and we love to share the miracles, struggles, prayers, and individual stories of this journey with you. Don't miss out on what God wants to show you through these amazing students and His work in Rwanda. Join the Chase today!
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