His Chase provides a comprehensive biblically-based student sponsorship program in Rwanda, for the children who were raised at Noel Orphanage.

It's the Home Stretch and We NEED You!

Friends, there is kind of a big deal we need to acknowledge.  Guess what?!  As of this summer, we (as in, you, us, our students--HIS CHASE) have been at this school sponsorship thing for FIVE years. I can't even believe it. Praise GOD for all He has provided over that time. 

And, if you have been with us over the last five years, then a HUGE---I mean GIGANTIC---thank you goes to you for your faithful partnership.  Without you, where would we be? Where would these rock star kids be?  As I said in my last post, we are glad that we'll never have to know.  

So, if you are a faithful sponsor or donor already, then you probably know what summertime brings around here.  And, if you're new to the His Chase family, then you might not!


It's the HOME STRETCH, people!  Our His Chase students are entering the final homestretch of their school year, which runs from January to October.  After a two week break in July (which started this week---PRAY for their holidays, please!!), they begin "TERM THREE".  Term three is a big deal.  

It's when some students wrap up their entire secondary education and head to university.

It's when many take major national exams to enter the next phase of education in Rwanda.

It's when grades are most important, and exhaustion sets in, and all of our amazing students have to give that extra umph to "get 'er done".  

It's when they need prayer, encouragement, and the reminder that every decision they make matters. Every class they attend matters.  And, that all of this hard work isn't missed by those who love them, and that it will lead to a better future.

It's also when, honestly, His Chase as a ministry, also enters our HOME STRETCH and we remind ourselves of all of these same things we know are true.  

We are running around that final curve in the track, when the finish line for another school year is in sight, yet still so far away.  


It's when we KNOW that all the needs of all the students will be covered (because GOD always does it!), but our funds are low, our legs are tired, and we just need that extra umph.

Longtime friends of His Chase---and new precious friends who have decided to say YES to giving generously---we need you, as we run through to the finish line of this year.

Every summer, we are in this same position.  The final school bills are due in the coming weeks, and many of our students are not covered by sponsorship.  And every summer, we see your generosity pour out and get us through.  So, here we are again, humbly asking that you bless these students with all that you have been given, and help us through the home stretch.

We have had the unique blessing of experiencing sponsors' dedication for FIVE years to their student(s), through all the ups and downs of their lives. You have never left them, or us.  And, that's a prayer of thanksgiving we pray daily. THANK YOU, GOD, that You do this---that You soften the hearts of people here, so that children there can thrive and have opportunity they would not have otherwise.

We have also had the unique blessing of watching God meet the needs EVERY year for our unsponsored children.  We still have over 50 students who remain unsponsored. Each of them require $1200 a year ($100 a month) to remain in school, and to receive all the care they need emotionally, physically, educationally, and spiritually.  Yes, that means we need over $50,000 to cross the finish line. Every penny goes to their education. And every year, we are able to reach that goal. So, here we go again,with the annual summertime Back-to-School Challenge.


This $50,000 is SO possible! We know it! As the summer home stretch hits again, we need you.  These unsponsored students need you.   For five years,we have seen you give yourselves, as well as share the need with others so they also can give.  And, for five years, we have watched children, who had nothing---no hope, no future, no goals, no sense of belonging or giftedness---rise higher and higher, not only in their grades, but even in the way they walk, talk, and think about their lives.   This is significant stuff, y'all.  More significant than we will ever know or realize, really.

So, thank you for running with us...for running with them.  The finish line is in sight.  And, we know that we do not run aimlessly or in vain.  For there is a crown of righeousness waiting ahead..."so let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus,the founder and perfecter of our faith."

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