His Chase provides a comprehensive biblically-based student sponsorship program in Rwanda, for the children who were raised at Noel Orphanage.

What if We All Shared It?



I have no doubt that your Facebook feed looks like mine has over recent months:  a never ending stream of reports, articles, and opinions highlighting this broken world. News reels are filled with stories of division, suffering, and violence that separate groups of people by race, religion, or status.  We have certainly prayed like never before for Jesus to return and reign in victory over the chaos.

In the midst of such sorrow and conflict in this world, it's easy to get overwhelmed.  Just last week, I read multiple articles about the bloodshed of innocent children, the destruction of entire cities, and the rampant spread of hatred and violence in lands far away and, at the same time, very close to home.

And, as we each consider the question, "What do we do in the face of times like these?", it is difficult to know the answer.  There isn't one clear answer. But, I know we MUST be doing something...and to pretend that it is not our responsibility is unacceptable.

So, something inside has pushed me forward to write my thoughts down.  And, here I am, asking the question.

This week, what if we really lived like we believe that LOVE HAS NO LIMITS?

What if we intentionally filled Facebook with stories of love and hope, and stop sharing anything else but the power of God at work in our families, our communities, and in the seemingly dark and unreachable places across the world?  Wouldn't it be great if scripture and testimony and love went viral?  What if we purposely crossed any lines that have been drawn by society--and the evil one---and stood in unity? 

So, here's an idea:

Would you be willing to simply share the image of our new t-shirt, as a statement that says "We believe that love---Jesus' love flowing through each of us---has NO limits. And, that because of this love bringing us TOGETHER, we can defeat the darkness that longs to keep us separated. That's what Claver believed when he designed the image, and that's what we have SEEN is true at His Chase.  

No, we are not asking for money.  It doesn't even mean we are asking for you or your friends to buy the t-shirt (although, believe me, they're super soft and they DO support our ministry).  It's just about sharing the GOOD.  Sharing the LOVE and saying you stand for it.  It's about each of us making the statement that we all believe love can overcome the world and its darkness.

These kids of His Chase have been through so much.  They have endured the unspeakable injustices.  They have experienced abandonment, abuse, and isolation.  They have witnessed violence and destruction in their country. They have been lost and unnoticed.  

And, now, so many of them are being changed. They are healing. They have hope. They are finding a new way.

We believe in the power of LOVE and HOPE.  

So, our only request this Giving Tuesday is NOT financial!  It's simply to raise awareness that good CAN come after pain.   That "weeping may last for the night, but joy DOES come in the morning"!  Will you celebrate that with us, even as bad things continue to happen around the world?  Wouldn't it be incredible to have a Facebook feed FULL of love and hope?

You see, we have learned valuable lessons, as we have listened to the stories of the children of His Chase, of the power of evil, and the Power to overcome:  

  • When faced with the reality of evil, darkness and hopelessness, the enemy would love for us to be fearful, overwhelmed, and stunned into silence by what he thinks he is accomplishing in the hearts and lives of so many.

I have been there and felt paralyzed by the loss these children have endured.  I have been shocked into absolute hopelessness by what I've learned and seen of these kids' lives, many of whom have endured trauma.  Those are the stories we can never share here, but the struggle is real.  

  • But, the truth God has been so gracious to teach us is that when we face that darkness, and shine some light into it, share some love despite it, hope starts rising again, and the darkness loses its power.
Sure, it doesn't take away the evil that will persist until Jesus calls us home.  But, it dissipates the work of the enemy and allows the power of God Himself to take center stage, just as He should.

So, we simply ask you to consider Sharing the Love this week.  Share the story of how love has no limits in your life.  Share the GOOD that you hear about.  Share the hope of the kids of His Chase.  Let's keep praying for all the suffering around the world, knowing that it is our honor and responsibility to do so.  And, at the very same time, let's make sure we are acknowledging what God is doing all around the world to bring new life in Him, and to bring light to the darkness, to the very ones who have suffered for so long.

Let's flood the darkness with light.  

Let's celebrate what He has done.

Let's show that Love has No Limits.


Download the Love Has No Limits Facebook Banner and consider changing your Facebook cover photo for the week!


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