Hosting a Table

We make the work easy for you, and will furnish display supplies and a full inventory of Rwandan bags and paper bead necklaces, as well as the popular His Chase tshirts! By supporting the His Chase Education Fund, you are changing the world and bringing new hope to children.

At the same time, you are raising awareness and sharing the story of these children with new groups of people who may not know about this ministry otherwise. You never know how God could work when you say "YES" to simply hosting a table!

Host a His Chase Table!

Education and discipleship training, when combined with one another, makes a lasting impact. This is not only true for a student's future, but also for his identity today, as a growing adolescent. It is vital that each student sees himself as a worthy child of a great big God, who has very specific plans for his life. The Lord has gifted each one in unique ways for success! And, they deserve the opportunity to discover these things, while their basic needs for life are being met.