His Chase extends the opportunity to students for Biblical training, educational success, and consistent care, empowering them to create new paths for their lives, and secure new opportunities for their future.


Multiple short-term projects have been completed since His Chase was founded in 2010. This work spanned five countries, including Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Zambia, and Rwanda. As the needs in Rwanda increased, His Chase Foundation saw the importance of providing depth and consistency to the specific group of children who were raised at Noel Orphanage. This provision would go beyond the "project-based" care of previous years. This deeper level of involvement includes ongoing care, in the forms of education, nutrition, medical care, and discipleship. This has now become the sole focus and purpose of His Chase.



  • Raised funds to build "Chase's Place", a home in the Touch a Life Foundation care village, built for children rescued from slavery in Ghana.
  • July 2010 - Team traveled to Ghana with TAL to conduct Vacation Bible School and medical assessments for all TAL rescued children.
  • November 2010 - Follow up medical team traveled to Ghana and conducted 12 surgeries for TAL children.


  • Funded building of water well in Liberia with Treasure in Heaven Organization
  • Funded building of water well in Malawi with Global Health Innovations
  • Partnered with UK based Point Foundation Organization to build a Basketball Court in Rwanda at Noel Orphanage.
  • Conducted medical assessment clinic in Rwanda at Noel Orphanage for 550 children, with team of 7 doctors, 7 nurses, and 20 volunteers.


  • Started the Rwanda education program by enrolling 56 secondary students in private boarding school - Spring 2012
  • Partnered with Arise Africa Organization in Zambia, to fully furnish the Arise Home for the most vulnerable orphans of Lusaka.
  • Expanded the Rwanda education program by 25, including 9 more secondary students and 16 University students - Fall 2012.


  • Expanded the Rwanda education program by enrolling 172, including 100 primary, 50 more secondary, and 22 more University students.
  • Funded scholarships for 8 students in Zambia from Arise Africa Organization
  • Funded scholarships for 56 students in Ghana from Touch a Life Organization


  • Focused solely on the Rwanda education program that supports 253 students who were raised at Noel Orphanage.


Caring for orphaned, abused, or disadvantaged children is so much more than categories and projects. We have a significant responsibility to go deeper with the children God has called us to, rather than broader to include children we may never know fully. The depth of the relationship we have with these children matters.


Education and discipleship training, when combined with one another, makes a lasting impact. This is not only true for a student's future, but also for his identity TODAY, as a growing adolescent. It is vital that each student sees himself as a worthy child of a great big God, who has very specific plans for his life. The Lord has gifted each one in unique ways for success! And, they deserve the opportunity to discover these things, while their basic needs for life are being met.


Ministry is not about us. This sponsorship program is NOT about us as simply an American distributor of aid, but instead, must be about daily discipleship by the local leadership and families in the country where these children are growing and learning. It is our absolute goal to be partners and supporters of Rwandan leaders who rise up to train and educate these children, but who also love and parent and challenge these children. We are one piece, but we are not the answer.


Children were designed and created to live in families. Unfortunately most of the students we serve have lived more than 10 years without knowing what that security is like. Our ultimate desire is for each of these students to know and experience the love of a forever family, even as an older child or teenager. But, until that can happen—and in case that doesn't happen--we are passionate about providing each student new paths of opportunity to break the cycle of institutional living, and point them toward the One True Father they can depend on and do belong to. As this happens, and they discover their own individual uniqueness and significance, we pray they choose a path toward becoming responsible, honest adults and loving parents themselves one day.

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