Who We Are

His Chase Foundation was founded in 2010 by Mark and Chelsea Jacobs, in honor of their son, Chase Allen Jacobs.  
Chase was their fourth child, and passed away at 35 weeks gestation.  Shortly after their devastating loss, their heartbreak was turned toward other children around the world who had also suffered loss:  the loss of a parent or family to call their own.  The suffering of orphaned children now had new meaning to them, and their eyes were opened to needs like never before.

As they walked through their own grief, they began to find healing in exactly the place God promised they would...among the brokenhearted.

"Set the oppressed free...share your food with the hungry...provide the poor wanderer with shelter...when you see the naked, clothe them...then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear."  Isaiah 58
After what began as a simple way to honor their son with school sponsorships for needy children, the response from loving family and friends quickly grew to be a ministry larger than they ever dreamed possible!  

Mark and Chelsea filed for non-profit status, as the orphan care projects began pouring in, and they have been running to catch up with God's plans ever since!

Multiple projects have been completed, including Chase's Place, a home for trafficked children in Ghana, as well as water wells, feeding programs, and medical care for orphans.  Their largest ongoing project is providing high quality education in Rwanda, Ghana, and Zambia, for children they now know as friends.
The Jacobs have recently adopted their son, Gabe, from Rwanda, and also added Claver, a college student from Noel Orphanage, to their family as well! 
Mark and Chelsea, and their children, enjoy traveling to Africa as a family, and count it a significant blessing to know and love so many wonderful, gifted children across the world.
It's truly the passion of their family...and the place where they have all found new hope and new life, right alongside the orphans they serve.
As His Chase continues to expand, new opportunities to "join the chase" continue to grow as well.

The Jacobs family and the His Chase Foundation would be thrilled to partner with you to bring hope to orphans.  You never know, your healing may be found among the brokenhearted...just like theirs was.