What We Do

Wow, how this description has changed over time.  "What we do" is different today than when we first began this road.

Our original mission statement:  We exist to share God's love with orphans across the world, one child at a time, through projects that give new life and opportunity. 

These original projects we focused on included four areas:

And, while each project in these areas made an impact, we found ourselves increasingly drawn to the education component of orphan care.  In our limited vision, we saw this as one way to make a lasting impact, that could break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness in a child's life.  

What have we learned?  

1. That it's so much more than categories and projects.  We've gotta go deep with the children God has called us to, rather than broad to include children we may never know fully.  The depth of the relationship matters.

2.  Education and Discipleship Training combined  together makes a lasting impact.  And not only for their future, but also for their identity NOW...as a worthy child of a great big God, who has specific plans for them, and who has gifted them in unique ways for success!

3.  This can't be about us as an American ministry, but must be about the local leadership and families in the country where these children are growing and learning.  It is our absolute goal to be partners and supporters of Rwandan leaders who rise up to train and educate these children, but who also love and parent and disciple these children.  We are one piece, but we are not the answer.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe there is a chase underway. God’s chase after orphaned souls. They are His little ones and they don’t know they are treasured and adored by a Father yet. They don’t know they are passionately pursued and deeply loved until we tell them.  He wants them to know His love.  This can happen through something as small as a letter from a sponsor family, or as big as a quality education that equips them for life.

How will they come to know God's love?

Through each of us. We are all His Chase.  

We are His plan for bringing hope to orphans.

We invite you to join the Chase and get involved!

His Chase Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.