When we look back at the last three years, we're amazed at how God has expanded our foundation to include five countries and multiple projects.  

But, there is one partnership---and one group of children---who will forever have our hearts.  They are where it all began.  And, they are still a source of wisdom and encouragement for us, as we begin this nonprofit {never easy} road.
God led us to Touch a Life in late 2009, and we began working with them in 2010, raising money to eventually build a home in their Care Center.  Touch a Life is the first organization anywhere to provide long-term care and rehabilitation for former child slaves in Ghana. 
And, let me tell you, they love them as their own children.  They provide for them,  they protect them, and they pour love into them like I've never seen.
We are honored to partner with them in the development of the new Care Center, as well as in their education going forward.
In August, I was able to visit Ghana, and see the Care Center in the last stages of construction.  
It was SO EXCITING to see Chase's Place in person!  I could have kissed those beautiful walls, after praying for this home, and that land for years!!
Since my trip, the children have all moved in and have begun their new school year!  They are just flourishing and loving their new beautiful home.
We are so excited to see this project complete and we appreciate so many of you who gave and gave so this could be a reality.  {Not only did you build a home for these kids, you supported the "small things" too, like supplies, backpacks, ipads, and more!  They love it all, and we all THANK YOU!!}
Chase's Place will always have a very special place in our hearts, for so many reasons, and we look forward to years and years of visits to Ghana to love on the children we adore!
They have bright futures ahead of them, thanks to the work of Touch a Life, and we can't wait to see what God has planned for them as leaders in Ghana, as well as world-changers everywhere!