Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NEWS you don't wanna miss!

Oh, the stories we have heard these last few weeks.  I couldn't communicate them all if I tried.

God is moving.

Children are being set free.

Families are stepping up--and standing up--for children they don't know but are ready to love.

One sponsor family has already visited their student.  And, more are on their way soon.

Relationships are already forming.

Letters are being written.

And, new developments have begun!

1. MORE KIDS:  This week, we have been able to say YES 46 more times to children who are now heading to boarding school.  As of today, God has now made a way for over 250 kids to GO! And the number keeps climbing!!  

Have I mentioned that Noel is over half empty? As in, entire school-aged dorms...completely EMPTY.  Praise the Lord.

***UPDATE:  Okay, I've had some questions about the "emptiness" of Noel since I originally wrote this.  Let me clarify.  The elementary and highschool aged dormitories are empty.  There are obviously still another 200 children there, including babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and handicapped children.  However, we recently received GREAT news about a new off-campus dayschool program for the disabled and handicapped children that starts very soon, thanks to Point Foundation!  And, yes, the boarding school kids WILL return to Noel on their holiday breaks, although we have plans for leadership camps and other development opportunities while they are there.

2.  FINANCIAL OUTPOURING:  When we began Project Education, we didn't have the money.  But, God was blowing the doors open, so we knew the finances would come.  And, it has.  Many one-time donors have made this possible, and many of you have committed to monthly sponsoring a child through school.  Then, on top of all that, we had our socks blown off this week by our very first corporate sponsor, Richie's Pharmacy in Houston, Texas!  Thank you, Richie's, for your absolutely incredible partnership.  Because of you ALL, we can take a deep breath, knowing that once again, God made the money come at exactly the time it was needed and in a way only He could.  To God be the glory!

3.  UPCOMING TRIP:  For those of you who have already signed up to either financially sponsor or be a penpal for a student, we have GREAT NEWS!!  We're heading to Rwanda for Spring Break, March 7-14!  And, we want you to join us!!!  We will spend the week visiting the students in school, as well as visiting Noel to love on the babies, toddlers, and preschoolers who still remain there.  If you are interested in visiting Rwanda with us for Spring Break, email us at TODAY!  Hurry, hurry!  This is only SEVEN weeks away! The cost is estimated at $2200 per person, and half will need to be paid by Sunday, January 27th, since we leave so soon. (And, if this trip is not possible for you, remember there will be other trips in future months.  More info coming soon!)

3. PENPAL LETTER CAMPAIGN:  We desperately need families who will write to these kids, and "adopt" them as prayer warriors?  Will you sign up TODAY?  We will send you a photo and directions on how to write your child.  Get your family, your community group, your school class, or your neighborhood involved in our writing campaign!  Change a life through encouragement and relationship!  We need you!!!  In fact, we need almost 100 of you!! (And, this does not cost a dime.  That's a pretty good deal, don't you think?)  To read more about how to do this,  GO HERE to our FAQ page.

To those who have already signed up and are waiting for your picture, they are coming soon!!  We've had to wait on our incredible team in Rwanda to get pictures to us, so it is a slow process.  Hold tight!  

Thank you to everyone for your part in the chase after these children's hearts.  God is not finished here.  There is work to be done, and children to encourage.  Let's work together to show these kids they are treasured and adored by a Father...and by hundreds of others too!