Sunday, January 6, 2013

King David Bound!

Hopefully you all saw the adorable pictures of the "little ones" (primary school level) traveling to Sonrise the other day for their testing.  If not, check out the last post.  Their sweetness is just more than my little heart can handle. {And they leave Monday morning for their school year! Please cover them in prayer!}

But, just in case you didn't get enough encouragement from seeing their huge smiles the other day, here is a whole new batch of awesome smiles for you to see.
75 "big kids" {secondary level} left TODAY for their new school year at King David Academy!  Although many of them began in our boarding school program last spring, some of them are leaving Noel for the first time today.  And, many of them are starting for the first time at King David!
How can I say enough about these amazing kids?  Just like the little ones, we are discovering gifts and talents these kids possess that would knock you flat.  The thing is, they've always had the talent, the gift, the attitude, the spirit...and this opportunity is just fanning the spark into a flame.  
Yes, many of them have not received the guidance they deserve.  They haven't had a loving family to show them who they are.  But, God has never left them.  And, He is revealing Himself to them in pretty cool ways.  It's going to be amazing to watch what He has for them next at King David.
Mark got to spend time with the staff and director of King David on his recent trip to Rwanda, and we are very excited about partnering with them.  
It is an amazing school, ranked very high for the quality of their education, but also an extremely passionate place for sharing Jesus and His grace with these kids.  
So, another group of kids go off to a brand new adventure, in an amazing school, that is excited to welcome and educate the kids of Noel.
God wants these kids to know they matter so much to Him.  He treasures them and wants their dreams to come true.  Because these kids have been waiting even LONGER than the little ones for this chance.  
They have patiently endured less-than-stellar school situations and have dealt with heartache that none of them should have ever had to face.
So, these precious smiles are the most powerful motivator ever to keep on speaking up and speaking out on their behalf!
They deserve every bit of this opportunity and more.  
And, we are so excited for the partnerships we have with so many of you for their education and their encouragement.  As I've said before, nothing is more life-changing than the relationships they receive when you say YES to them.

This is one of my favorite stories about the kids and our His Chase leadership team there.  

Jane encouraged both the secondary girls and boys to each elect a spokesman for their group...someone who will address any needs that come up and will communicate any concerns or news to Jane, so it can be handled.  While Mark was there, these leaders were also the ones who represented all the kids in sharing their excitement and gratitude for this opportunity. They talked about how hard they are going to work and how humbled they are to know so many people are cheering them on.

One need the girls shared with Jane was that they would really like to have their hair done, since many of the girls at boarding school would have braids, and they all have very short hair.
So, Jane arranged for this to happen before they went to school today.  And, how BEAUTIFUL do these precious girls look?!  I was so excited to see these pictures---I didn't even recognize some of them!
It's kind of like the Fanta drinks from the other day.  I love these little moments where these kids finally just get to be kids.  They get treats that we would absolutely give our own children the week before school starts.  And, the messages sent through these little things is, again, that they and their desires matter.
So, we just got the final report from Claver that all 75 secondary school kids are tucked in their beds at King David tonight.  Everyone got there safely, their supplies were delivered, and they are ready to begin class tomorrow. 
We sure wish we could be there to give them their morning pep talk tomorrow.  But, you know, I have a feeling they won't even need one!  They're more than ready for this, and we are praying with all of you that it's a great year for every one of them.

**Sponsorship Update:  At this time, we have about 25 secondary students left who need prayer warrior families to support them.  This does not mean you HAVE to be the financial sponsor, although that is wonderful too!  If you are willing to have a relationship of encouragement and prayer with a student, please join us as a PRAYER WARRIOR today!**