Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Only a DAY Away!


Do you know how BIG tomorrow is? {And, in Rwanda, "tomorrow" is here in THREE hours.)

Do you know how long I've been waiting for this day?

Months and months ago, we dreamed of the day we could send children to Sonrise.  Not just any children.  The children we love most in all of Rwanda.  

In fact, out of nowhere, while I would be running errands, or watching my girls practice ballet, it would just hit me again, and I would call Mark to say, "We have GOT to call our contacts at Sonrise.  We have GOT to send kids to Sonrise!  They need to be there!"  To which he would respond, in some kind of calm way, "I know.  I know.  We will.  We just need to keep praying."

And, so we did.

And, we truly felt confident that God would lead us to the right people so these precious ones could experience this school and all it has to offer them. (And He did.) And, we were hopeful that this trip to Rwanda in December would end up with a few newly available spots at Sonrise for Noel students.  (And it did.  A few more than we expected---over 100!)

That's a good little side story actually.  Did you know that Sonrise has been praying for more students who would be paying full-tuition?  They had lost their younger students due to the change of law, so they had over 200 open spots that they did not know how they would fill in January.  Enter His Chase and all of you, who were hoping and praying for those exact open spots.  And, guess what?  Now their answered prayer and our answered prayer have come at the same time in the same way.  105 orphaned children becoming full-pay tuition students at Sonrise.  God is too good.
Now we know even better than we did back then, when I would worry while stuck in traffic.

God already had this planned.  Which is why He put it on our hearts.  Which is why we shared it with you.  Which is why you so generously gave.



Tomorrow is the first day they will drive out of that orphanage KNOWING they are going to boarding school.  Tomorrow isn't their first day...that won't be til Monday.  But, tomorrow is still a HUGE first.  Tomorrow is the first day they realize that THEY are worth it.  And, that THEY get this opportunity FOR REAL.  Tomorrow is the first day they see Sonrise, where they will study, where they will eat, where they will sleep.

And, most importantly, tomorrow is the day they are tested, to determine where they will be placed in class.

They will be nervous, I'm sure.

But, that's where all of you come in.

Because of you, we were able to send EVERY SINGLE CHILD who was eligible for boarding school at Noel to Sonrise or King David!!  And, that is no small task, friends!
Two big buses full of smiling children will arrive tomorrow because YOU SAID YES, which allowed us to say yes.
But, we need you to keep saying yes to these joining us in PRAYER.  Join us in bringing them before the Heavenly Father tonight and tomorrow and throughout the coming days.

Some of you know your sweet one by name, and you can be a momma or daddy from far away, and pray like never before for him or her, as they do testing tomorrow and then start a new school year--and phase of life--on Monday.
Some of you don't know a name (yet), but you can STILL be a momma or daddy from far away, and pray like never before for them.
This is a prayer I have prayed over these sweet ones many times, and if you are stuck on words tonight, just pray these along with me (from Prayers that Avail Much):

Father, in the name of Jesus, we come to You today on behalf of these children as they pursue their education and training at school.  You are at work in them, creating within them the power and desire to please You.  They are above and not beneath, because You call them by name.  We pray that these children will find favor, good understanding, and high esteem in the sight of God and their teachers and classmates.  We ask You to give the children who we love, great wisdom and understanding.  May they have the appetite for learning and a desire to be diligent, as they are abundantly supplied with the resources they need to learn.  Help them have an appreciation for education, understanding that the Source and beginning of all knowledge is YOU.  Thank You that they will grow in wisdom and knowledge.  We will not stop praying for them, asking that they be filled with the knowledge of Your will, bearing fruit in every good work.  Father, we thank You that these precious children have divine protection because they dwell in the secret place of the Most High.  May they trust and find refuge in You and stand rooted and grounded in Your love.  You are their Shield, protecting them always.  Thank You for the angels whom You have assigned to them--to go with them, defend them, and preserve them in all their ways.  Your children are established in Your love, which drives out fear and worry.  You have given them Your peace.  Do not let their hearts be troubled or afraid, but let them hope confidently in You!  Father, thank You for protecting and guiding these children.  In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

We will be back with more updates as they arrive tomorrow!  Thank you for "joining the chase", y'all.  It's the only way this could be happening.  Love you all more than you know!

~Chelsea (a very happy momma, who goes to bed thinking of the many faces who will be all smiles tomorrow :)